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Pro Hobo Comics is an independent comic publishing company owned and operated by Crobot's frontman Brandon Yeagley (Writer) & The Kubert School's Sean Stramara (Artist). 

The two have teamed up, along with Brittany Pezzillo (Colorist) & Josh Sloniker (Letterer) to bring to light the fables embedded in the lyrics of the Crobot universe. 

Legend of the Spaceborne Killer is the telling of these comedic Sci-fi tales and the second installment in the series is available for pre-order now!


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Legend of the Spaceborne Killer is the tale of a Cosmonaut, who was left-for-dead outside our atmosphere after an experiment goes horribly wrong.   When the Cosmonaut’s esteemed colleague, who just so happens to also be his wife, gets lost in space during a routine repairing mission outside the shuttle, the Cosmonaut decides to put himself on ice, literally.  After being cryogenically frozen for fifteen years, he has awoken to find a message from his wife.  She’s alive!  All signs are pointing him back to Earth, where he eventually returns and meets up with an uncanny team of sidekicks like an Area 51 janitor, a bio-mech Ape, a Shaman, and the son of the Lucifer himself, who help (or hinder) him in his search for his long lost wife.  

Watch as the characters and stories from Crobot’s songs take life in this epic supernatural Sci-fi comic adventure, with tongue planted firmly in cheek.  Think Douglas Adams writing for Scooby-Doo, all relative to Yeagley’s universe he has built throughout the Crobot discography.  Each volume of work coincides with each album released and will continue to be released with each album.  

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